Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Participants

It would be unfair to deduce any commonalities from a handful of girls who had come to attend the summer school. However, extensive use of cosmetics was definitely the most general feature. They were certainly not as orthodox as I had envisioned before (there were few very conventional types as well albeit).But they were all wonderful people. We had a session on arbitration wherein the participants had to act out certain situations. The acting skills of some of these girls were truly fascinating. However, Al-Amin was again in a different league. He is without doubt a star material. Acting and singing seems to be part and parcel of a Bangladeshi’s natural instinct. The enthusiasm with which they sang many of the Hindi songs(on the sightseeing bus and the cultural night) goes to say about the ‘deep impact’, Indian movies (Hindi and Bengali) have had on their culture.

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