Monday, October 17, 2005

Tommy [12-03-1993 to 1-09-2005]

Thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives...

The Wanderer Returns!

Metamorphosis would not be a proper word for the change that has taken place. Nevertheless, the last three months of my life have still been unprecedented.

To start with, I am still trying to decipher the pros and cons of my parents becoming NRI’s after them having moved to the Sultanate of Oman in July this year.

Again, getting a third last rank in the list of mooters selected for representing the Law School came as huge disappointment. After having received commendations from a judge of the Federal Court of Australia among others, this depreciation certainly hurt. However, the above helped me realize that I had developed an extremely informal style and formality is inextricably linked to success in the Indian moots. In spite of the debacle, I could still form a formidable team thanks to the trust Sudhanshu, my team mate and by far the best student at HNLU [btw…I am not far behind ;) ] had in me. Now it’s Sudhanshu, Adarsh and me for the team which would represent HNLU at the WTO Moot. God willing, we’ll do well.

Tiger Conservation had always been an issue very close to my heart. My parents by making us (me and bro) visit the Bandhavgarh National Park (in M.P…has the highest density of Tigers in India) a legion of times while we were growing up, inculcated in us a strong sense of attachment to the forests and wildlife. The Environmental Law course this semester has equipped me with enough understanding to try and come out with a paper on Tiger Conservation. God willing, I’ll keep the promise. I thank Queenie, my friend at the University of Hong Kong for her encouragement.

The Environmental Law course, by far the most interesting course of the semester saw me indulging in an unprecedented task yet again. The visionary course teacher after having decided to hold a national symposium on Environmental Impact Assessment, hand picked some of us and entrusted us with the task of preparing a background material for the symposium. The 150 page book is now ready for publication and would see the light of the day this Saturday. God willing, the conference would be a success.

The end semester examinations start in 20 days from now. Time to gear up for the showdown!

November would see my team scanning through the libraries of some of the best institutions at Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore for our research for the WTO moot. Will keep you posted.

I am proud to announce that two of my very close pals from school, Steve and Bhavin have jobs now...Steve at Infosys and Bhavin at L&T...Way to go guys!!!

P.S.- Patrons who have started visiting my blog lately may find the depiction my journeys through Australia and Bangladesh interesting...(See the Archives).