Monday, December 21, 2009

Udaipur: Magnificence Redefined


I have had the good fortune of visiting many places in India and abroad. Udaipur is without a shadow of doubt, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever come across.

This place is a photographer’s paradise. The confluence of colours, symmetry, and light is beyond the power of words! The art and architecture of Udaipur epitomize the power of human imagination and the will and capacity required to convert such imagination into reality.

Thanks to Shantanu, my buddy from school, who now works in Udaipur, I had an absolute FIELD day.

A day before exploring Udaipur, we visited Haldighati, Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur, which are places not very far away from Udaipur and can be covered during the course of the same day.

Kumbalgarh is a magnificent fort built on top of a mountain in the Aravali ranges and offers breathtaking views. I would rate it higher than the Amer Fort at Jaipur in terms of its magnificence and location. While Ranakpur is known for its age old Jain Temples built out of marble stones, Haldighati’s historical significance for India needs no introduction or elaboration.

Shantanu, if you find me at your doorstep again before winters end, do not panic!

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