Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HNLU: Death and Reincarnation

That first day,
Those laugh riots,
That first song,
Those bus rides,
That hail storm,
Those silent nights,
That first crush,
Those coffee swigs,
That long walk,
Those last minutes,
That life,
That place…is no more.

While it died a painful death,
And the flames on its pyre still linger,
Another life beckons.

Its plunderers are still at large,
And saviours, it never had,
Yet, another life beckons.

If skullduggery succumbs to uprightness,
And hypocrisy gives in to humility,
This life could well be a better one.


Anonymous said...

Your photos speek a million words. Those days are the most cherished and to see the place standing lifeless is kinda killing. But the reincarnation is awsome and even though those 5yrs were special i hope history never repeats itself.Keep the great work up!

Anonymous said...

simply adore your work.
Excellent portrait!

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Beautiful! Arguably, your best work till date! :)

-- said...

sir,its jus excellent..!! :-)

Horizon said...

I am Speechless!!!!!!!! Very Good!!!

rebel4change said...

ths s like awsome....no one has or can i guess capture the campus in a more brilliant manner.....gawd...it makes me fall in love wid th new campus all over agn.....

Mohit said...

nice pics !

Anonymous said...

Saviours it always had;
and yes it was saved.
For what you see the new life;
is only sum of their sacrifice.

Life lies in people not in the walls

Neil Padayatty said...

Well aren't we bastards now? No alma mater!

But then, you've got the shades of our lives in the old place! And many more, we share in our memories. So yeah, thanks to our memories, we'll never be bastards...

The hailstorm man! It was beautiful! Ajay, Achu, Srikant, Pandey and me were in the hostel waking up to a lazy afternoon, when suddenly it was all pitter-patter. Pandey collected them in a bucket. I picked them ones from the ground rather than from Pandey's bucket! I'm so glad you mentioned the hailstorm!

Cool idea the different tones. I think, I'll know what Art is, next time somebody asks me!

Neil Padayatty said...

Fuck man, I think we should do a private exhibition, with large printouts of these photos man... Admission for HNLUphiles only!

Neil Padayatty said...


Neil Padayatty said...

And those two tyres... they've been there forever, have they?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a pleasure to see those days captured in one the most enthralling manner. I must tell you that they are very much capable of telling the rise of PHONEIX.

Debanshu said...


Many thanks for all your thoughts.

I was almost driven to tears while taking the top half of the shots. Unlike similarly situated people from other law schools which changed campuses, we spent our 'entire' law school lives in the old campus!

Though I sincerely hope that the 'new' HNLU does a lot better than the 'old' one, 'law school' for me will never be the same again. I'm told that the old campus would be converted to some government office sooner than later.

The Law School is Dead, Long Live the Law School.

Serendipity said...

Love the pics.

"Neil: ....I think we should do a private exhibition.."

Nice idea. :D

Anonymous said...

Try getting these photographs without computer manipulation. While I like the though, the method is uninteresting.

Anonymous said...

Those r just Awesome....!!!

Uday Shankar said...

Nice photos. I remember learning days at HNLU. I appreciate..Keep it up..