Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Kingdom of Colours...

A rosy haze,

A puzzling maze,

An airy sight,

A distant flight,

A golden latch,

A vibrant match,

A glittering night,

A soggy bite,

A sparkling frame,

A swirling dame,

A perfect smile,

A glance so vile,

A brownish hue,

A royal view,

A tilt so slight,

A breeze so light,

Under a shade of Grey,

I had a sublime day,

Dear Rachit, Kundan, Rajveer
Gaurav, Tau and others,
In trying to screw a few,
I'd put everyone on the skew,
While blood still curls for some pests,
I swear I'll make amends for the rest.

Yours truly,


P.S.- People, I've taken up another moot court competition that should keep me occupied for July. Bad habits, die hard!


Rachit said...

seems u had grt time...mst be havin gud is blended well in colours of rajasthan...keep up the gud work

Sur said...

u make me jealous! beautiful pictures that go so well with the writeup or is it the other way round?!
u've made sure tht another destination is added to my 'travel wishlist'!

SpaceMonkey said...

Poet, philosopher, photographer. All rolled into one. Man, you make me jealous! Just kiddin' :)

Great post. Nicely done.

Red said...
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Smartalec said...

great work! nicely captured and fundoo rhyming captions too!
you're in the wrong profession, buntu... or maybe u're suited to every profession:D!
all the best for the competition!

Debanshu Mukherjee said...


For sure...but for them, i might as well have become colourless myself!


Do's worth a visit.


Thanks bro! You have always inspired!


Thanks dude...and trust me, the beauty of this profession lies in its quality of touching upon every facet of human existence!

jack frost said...

hey nice pics accompanied by peotic captions. impressive...I'd say.

Sur said...
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Sur said...

knock knock!
you are tagged!


Ah!The Rajasthan's colors and your words are in a perfect cadence! Nice pics;Nice rhymes.

dharmabum said...

wonderful post!

sarah said...

Lovely pics!!!....And well written too!!!

Anitya said...

great pictures. I miss those jalebis.

sandeep said...

All pics were fabulous. My favourite one was 'glttering night'.

workhard said...

That was an awesome post.. Picturesque and Poetic