Saturday, June 02, 2007

Of Cats and Dogs...

Gandharv, Zuber, Shantanu, Bhavin and Me...reliving the school days!

Three weeks have passed since I came back from Bombay. In the face of no real challenge at hand, this period can be said to be one of the most uneventful phases of my law school life. so far. I didn’t even come near anything having to do with my future profession.

However, having said that, I utilized this period for rejuvenating those bits of my life which had been left unattended for quite a while. Catching up with long lost (not literally) friends, reading some brilliant works of fiction, socializing on the internet like never before, working out, and most importantly, introspecting.

Introspection quite obviously took me for a ride of emotions inter alia, happiness, dejection, satisfaction that comes with any accomplishment, emptiness and even despair.

So many things have taken place in these three and a half years of my existence at the law school that if I start penning down all my experiences and come out with a book, I might as well give Chetan Bhagat a run for his money! Jokes apart, the moot point is that controversies and Debanshu have always walked hand in hand at HNLU. There hasn’t been one semester where I didn’t land up in some or the other kind of jhol (aka soup)! My problem is that I am very arrogant at times and vengeful too. I have always believed in the following:

Tit for tat,
It has always been like that,
You killed my dog,
I’ll kill you cat.

Though killing somebody’s cat (not literally…you know what I mean) does tend to satisfy me, I do it only and only when somebody kills my dog. However, as any true Gandhian (is there one?) would tell you, being vengeful is extremely immoral. It makes you go round and round in a cycle of unhappiness. It’s a cycle because once you kill somebody’s cat for avenging the death of your dog, he would move heaven and earth to have a shot at your other dog. And if he succeeds, you would again run after his cat and this cycle would continue for ever.

I want to be out of this cycle once and for all. To facilitate this, I hereby tender an apology to all whose cats have been killed by me. Not that I lack the ability to kill any more, but just that I want to spend the remaining short period at the law school in complete peace.

And yes, I’m leaving for Delhi tomorrow. Back to the grind! And thankfully so!


Sur said...

a step towards Gandhism! good for u :). I believe in non-violence and feel that anger and vengeance are a form of mental violence. Practicising this is easier said than done though, all the best!
btw, the pic is cool! looks like u guys had a nice get together.

Anonymous said...

Well...whatever goes around comes around. Thats what life's all about. So next time dont worry about killing someone's cat. If u know ur right time will prove that on its own.

Smartalec said...

what on earth was this all about:P?!

by the way, cats have nine lives, so i dont think anyone has taken offense :D!

chal have a nice time in delhi!

and the pic of u dudes is looking neat!

Anonymous said...

Dude, the next time someone kills your cat, don't go after his dog. Go after HIM goddamit. ;) What's the point in studying law if you can't take it in your own hands? ;)

Debanshu Mukherjee said...

Actually, we were all laughing because Zuber had just informed us that some girl told Shantanu that he looked like Sonu Nigam!Hehehe

Dude, you are speaking in what used to be my language during my initial years at law school.

@ Smartalec

Stevie, this is black humour at its worst! Hehehehe


Bro, your words come as 'divine revealtion' to this budding lawyer ;)

Sur said...

so that is why shantanu is all blushes! :D