Friday, May 11, 2007

Bombay Talking…

Life at the 23rd floor of that sea facing building wasn’t all that bad after all. Interns at law firms do not get the most challenging of assignments. Nevertheless, there still remains an ocean of theoretical and applied knowledge to imbibe and learn from. And I’ve just had my first few swigs. So, let’s see how things shape from hereon.

That apart, here’s Bombay in its own words...

Where old is new,

And companions few;

Where strangers gawk,

And shadows talk;

Where hearts are lonely,

And souls deprived,

Where love blooms,

Amidst ocean and the night;

Where life's so full,

And yet so empty,


Where dreams are made,

And lives get crushed,

The city that inspires,




Profound pics with germane captions!
Best with your internship!

SpaceMonkey said...

Deep. Really deep. Loved it. Totally. ;) Good luck bro and keep up the good work.

Sur said...

A tribute to Bombay!! great work! The pics really talk!
Even i have felt the inspiring presence of Bombay, i remember standing near the BSE and dreaming. :D It always amazes me that just being in a city can do this to u.

Debanshu Mukherjee said...

Thanks guys...shall be off to Delhi, do keep an eye!

sangeetha mugunthan said...

fabulous bombay in amazingly captured snaps with appropriate caption...jus the right blend!

Sayantan said...

Urs is the only blog I keep track of. Every time I get back, it gives happiness. On each occassion ur multi faced abilities surprises me. Its a treat for all. Good work. Keep it up!!!

Debanshu said...


Thanks dude! Its patrons like you who keep me going.

priyam said...

sir, i just happened to visit your blog and i must say, it was one of the most interesting blogs i ve read..and i have myself had the same experience in bombay,i know that bombay truly inspires:-)good luck..

Debanshu said...
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Debanshu said...


thanks so much for dropping by!

moon's muse said...

i have been to bombay just once and have loved it ever since much like delhi!!!beautiful snap shots and accentuating it are the lovely captions!touching.