Monday, April 16, 2007

Telling the Untold...

I had purposefully restrained myself for publishing anything here before my tenure as President, Student Bar Association came to end. Now that it’s over, here I am, back to my own world, liberated; no longer responsible to any of the three hundred souls I had enjoyed serving so much; unshackled forever. As life as the President completes a full circle, I present before you stories from my personal (and not professional) life…


Prof. Rostam Neuwirth continued to enthrall...

The WTO Course continued to inspire as I became more and more engrossed in the subject.


Sudeep, a guy I had known from my school days who was now a batch mate at the law school was no more. We lost him in a road traffic accident. Life came to a complete standstill for quite a while. Reality had never been so harsh. And I had to face it!


I got placed at Mr. Ram Jethmalani’s chambers for what would be my first internship under a Supreme Court lawyer. Quite obviously, it was an experience of a lifetime!
Enjoyed Delhi for the first time. It's beautiful in winters!



I saw my idea of celebrating State-days at the law school being implemented with professional execution as students hailing from various corners of the country arranged what came to be known as ‘State Day Celebrations’. The law school was in a complete festive mode for the first three weeks of January as we got to taste lip smacking cuisine from all over India and got to witness performances reflecting the cultural ethos of the State concerned.

The Jessup Debacle: I can’t say about my teammates, but I knew I had not worked hard enough to expect anything at the India National Rounds. I had too many eggs in my basket this year for me to have taken up this Competition. I’ve learnt my lessons though. On a happy note, Chennai was so much better in January! Had fun in the malls!


No significant happening on the personal front.


I happened to get acquainted to one Mr. Indradip Banerjee, a benevolent gentleman and a pass out from NLS , who after having reached the heights of his profession was kind enough to come down to our law school to give us the ‘real picture’ of the world out there. He has helped me fine tune many of my life- fundas!

I am leaving for Bombay tomorrow for my first assignment at a law firm. I promise to keep you updated from hereon.

Ladies and Gentleman, I'm well and truly back!