Friday, May 20, 2005


I got up early that morning, got ready, visited the Pujo Ghor (Bengali for a small room/place designated for God which every Hindu family has) and left for the Raipur Airport with Dad. Some ex Indian and Pakistani cricketers had come down to Korba for some 'show match' and were on their way back to Delhi. I could recognize Vijay Yadav (ex wicket keeper) and Venakatpaty Raju and had seen some of the other faces before but couldn’t recall their names, especially the Pakistanis. Md.Azharuddin(ex Indian Captain), being a business class traveler was seated somewhere else and I could see him only after boarding the aircraft. Those of you, who have read 'Bangladesh in Retrospective-I', are aware of my love for flying. Walking through the alley, looking for my seat, I discerned a known face. The Administrator, who is currently the head of our Law School was on board and as luck would have it, my boarding pass had a seat number which happened to be next to his.

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