Thursday, May 19, 2005

Leaving the Summer School (from right to left.Reza, Tariq, Myself, Al-Amin, Haq, Sadhna, Mahumudul, Cant recall, Tariq)

I had made a lot of wonderful friends there. I was still thinking about the speech I gave last evening on behalf of the Indian contingent and was feeling a sense of fulfillment creeping inside...a line in my speech said, "After our experience here, we shall be ashamed to die until we have done something for the victory of humanity"...It seems a bit too flashy but God willing, I'll work towards it. However, I must confess, in spite of the legion of things I had learnt at the Summer School, I was desperate to go back home (for all the reasons I had). We left BARD around nine in the morning and reached Dhaka in the afternoon. After getting off at the Dhaka University (Law Faculty), the participants exchanged best wishes with the hope that they would meet again. We (I and Amit) then got our luggage sent to Dr.Mizan's place and went for some shopping. We were to have our dinner at a Thai Restaurant along with the organizers in the evening. We directly went to Dr.Mizan's place from the mall and he was kind enough to take us to the restaurant in his Toyota Corolla. I was to realize very soon that I would not be a keen lover of Thai food in the rest of my life. However, the warmth with which we were treated compensated for all that. Tapas da (da is Benagali for elder brother and a way addressing a friend too "I had myself become known as Debu da) was kind enough to drop us at the Bus Station after a very dramatic 'see off' outside the restaurant. We were on our way back... May be, I'll go again someday...May be...

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