Saturday, June 11, 2005

One for the History Books

Around 8:00 PM...The gentlemen standing to the left didn't wear the usual black and white as he was emulating the Australian lawyers who need not stick to any colours....and after beating this Malaysian team of four which had come there after winning in their national rounds (defeating the National University of Malaysia), he is completely in the world of 'vanity struck' and is on the verge of taking off owing to the surplus of air in his cerebral alleys. From left to right(sitting)....Justice Marshall from the Supreme Court of Fiji, can't recall this Judge's name...was from Southport District Court, and His Hnour Judge Rakemann from the Fedral Court of Australia...(standing)..Myself and the International Islamic University of Malysia Team...Ira and Abida (two girls in the middle) were the mooters.

The air head got deflated next morning after getting beaten by the University of Malay...For an official version of what happened check the Queensland University of Technology, Faculty of Law Website at for more details check out the University of Hong Kong website which came out with a press release after winning the Competition(

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