Friday, June 03, 2005

Another holiday, another movie...

Regal...The Ring 2

Reached on time for the 12:30 show...As I parked myself in the rear stall, and the murmurs subsided with the curtain raising from the screen, the ambience reflected a place geared up for a horror movie.

Just as the lights went off, a group of young ladies entered the hall and one of them broke the silence crying out,"Oooh!I am so scared!"...After that, many shh..shh's were exchanged and almost everybody was laughing as the first scene began.

The first 10-15 minutes were excruciatingly could almost feel for the 50 rupees spent on the ticket...

It picked up some pace soon just as some scenes sent few chills down the spine...
(The Raindeer scene is in no unceratin terms the best one the movie has)

After the interval, the pace is quite intense with a chill sent down every now and then...

In between, while absolute silence prevailed in anticipation of another such scene, a gentleman sitting few rows ahead came out with a horrendous sneeze and sent roars of laughter all over the rear stall...the spooky scene was rendered impotent as joviality prevailed for quite some time.

Best Dialogue- "I am not your f**king mommy!!!"...another roar of laughter.

Go watch it in a big group...scream, laugh, and have a ball...don't even think of watching it on the small might be next!

Tommorow is Saturday and could be my last holiday before I go back...Monday to Saturday requires work from 10 in the moring to 10 in the night...I know you think that I am exaggerating but you got to be a lawyer in Bombay to face such music...My boss earns around 2 lakh rupees a day on an average and works hard enough to deserve it...I don't get paid but am learning a lot!

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