Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bombay Hustle!

am back in Bombay...reached around 4:30 in the morning...didn't want to disturb my landlady so early on hence waited at the bus stop near the flat till 6:00 AM...Work resumes only on free till then.

9:00 AM...Took the Flora Fountain bound bus (goes along the West Coast) and reached Regal ( a movie theatre of British times and my favorite in Bombay) around a ticket for Kung Fu Hustle...the show starts at 12:30...The Prince of Wales Mueseum is close by...have been watching it from outside for quite some time now...checked it out today...nothing special...But the battle gear of Akbar the Great was truly awesome and those blood drenched swords simply amazing.

When I was here in April-May, never did a Holiday pass without being in Regal...The trend continues...

Kung Fu Hustle is a brilliant movie...just throw away all your intellectual inquisitiveness('How on earth can that happen?' kinds) before entering the hall...Stephen Chow's acting is the only low point...all others have done really well...specially the fat guy...the dumb girl is phenomenally beautiful(she reminded me of Queenie Lau from the Hong Kong University team, her eyes actually)...some of the sequences are even better than Matrix.

Will come back to the Australian story soon.

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