Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not this September...

You guessed it right. We didn't make it!

Yet, we were not all that bad too...finished third and also got the 'Best Written Submissions' award.

All in all, it was a good outing. The fact that we were competing till the very end (read semi-finals), ensured that we couldn't see much of Patiala.

So, back to the law school now....getting geared up for other battles.


Sur said...

Koi nahi, better luck next time! Africa beckons! :)

NUMB said...

hii...liked your blog..though in all honesty i guess its the drive for mooting that impelled me to write...could you please tell me who were the indian national champions at commonwealth moot this year???? please do reply...take care...keep blogging

Debanshu Mukherjee said...

Thanks again!


LilOne said...

i love ur blog.. esp. ur photography n M I jealous of ur geneva trip (ALL ALONE!!!)

and i realise, besides blogging, geneva law school, intl. trade law n moots there is another thing we share: we both want to do our masters from the same place :D :D

how things otw?