Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bombay: Act I

There was nothing unusual about that morning in Raipur. Just that it happened to be the 3rd of December and I categorically remembered it as the date on which I had joined law school five years back. So, on my way to the airport, as the car sped along the empty road, random thoughts kept crossing my mind. After all, besides leaving law school, I was also parting away from the city I was born and brought up in. Though I knew that I would be making short trips once in a while to see my folks, any long term stay would now be out of question. More importantly, I was aware that even during those trips, my mind would be too occupied with mundane matters to ever allow me to savour Raipur that way again. So, gaping at the countryside from my car window, I was trying to take in as much as I could in those last few moments.

When I stepped out of the aircraft at the Bombay airport, I was completely taken aback by the weather. Until then, I had spent all the Decembers of my life wearing warm clothes. But, Bombay made me realize that this wasn’t going to continue in the near future.

If carrying four huge suit cases wasn’t sufficient to attract everyone’s attention, my guitar took care of the rest. Unlike others, the cab driver couldn’t keep his curiosity to himself and asked me if I worked in the film industry. “If only”, I said letting out a sigh. I told him that I had come to Bombay to work at a law firm and a guitar unfortunately was to be of no use there. But his curiosity had not ended there. “I seem to have seen you on television”, he said. I couldn’t help but gleefully smile at him.

The next four weeks saw me settling down in a South Bombay flat along with Adarsh, shopping, savouring cuisines, watching movies, plays (watched one while sitting next to Shashi Kapoor at Prithvi Theaters), musical concerts and of course working (only to make sure that I continue doing the former activities in the days to come).

As I pen these words, I can also sense a slight chill in the air. All in all, so far so good!

Here’s wishing all of you a fantastic 2009!


Kundan Singh Rathore said...

Dude it was not the mistake of that cab driver, coz u really look like a rockstar with a guitar in hand.And I think our whole university knows this fact n they have seen also.

chhavi said...

so u hv bcom a rockstr on t vryy 1st day 2 kewl ! ;) :P
hppy new year !! :) :)

rebel4change said...

all th bst for future........don really kno bt i gss hnlu really misses its rockstar...........happy new year......

Piggy Little said...

which play did u c???
yea, welcome to the city.
and a happy new yr! :)