Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Presidential Clutter!

Hello People! It’s been quite a while.

Last month was underscored by a host of surprises. So when I was declared elected as the President of our Student Bar Association (a body of around three hundred undergrads) on the 29th of July, the happening belied all capabilities of foresight I could have had.

While the incident infused me with immense self-confidence, the days that followed have taught me lessons galore.

In our fledgling yet national law school, problems are the only constant. Not that these glitches are peculiar to us alone, but still this is not the best of times to have taken the office. Power has been defined as the ability of a person to influence the behaviour of others. While I’m still not sure about the ramifications of this value loaded concept on my post, I do realize that I’ve now become responsible to a lot of people.

When the new hostel facility was out and out rejected by a majority of our students, mass agitation was the inevitable outcome. While the fact that I stayed at my home made my locus standi (right to bring up a claim) weak, it didn’t deter me from dealing with some unprecedented confrontations.

As the Convener of the moot court society I was made to draft six pages of minutely delved upon rules for our internal moot court competition. Except for the eligibility criteria, the rest was well taken by the students. While the Faculty Advisors had vehemently proposed the initial eligibility criteria, owing to pressure from the student fraternity which wanted a more relaxed criteria, the volte-face within the moot society was inevitable. The rules were relaxed.

I had slogged for three days to come out with the rules. However, all of it went up in smoke. Not that I liked the initial eligibility criteria myself, but this was the first time that my hard work didn’t get any recognition. And more importantly, this was the first time I was working for others (without pursuing any personal agenda). The entire episode ensured that I cut a sorry figure for myself. I even contemplated resigning. After all, why should I work when my efforts don’t bring any results?

However, some deep contemplation brought me back to my senses. My religion too (Hinduism) expects me to work without bothering about the results. I’ve taken up a position of responsibility and I must work!

God willing, justice will be done to me!

On the personal front, the WTO Course offered by an Austian Prof. (who is here for this semester on an exchange programme) is giving me unparallel satisfaction. I hope and prey that I'm not jumping the gun. Intellectual Property Law also being offered this sem is fascinating too.

The year ahead would throw a lot many challenges. I would expect your active support.



SpaceMonkey said...

Reaching Bombay on the 6th of September. Will be around till the 1st of October.

LilOne said...

nice one. :) i like the everyday mundane things!!!


Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Ah! Seems like you have realised the the President's chair is not as rosy and comfortable as it appears!

SpaceMonkey said...

Still alive??

Anonymous said...

Hey belated Happy B'day brother!!!
Me reaching Bombay on Saturday. Will call you once I reach Pune.

ankurindia said...

you have to prove your leadership qualities