Sunday, May 14, 2006

Off to Delhi

I am heading for New Delhi tommorow morning for this year's internship. I would be working on a project on 'Tiger Conservation in India'. I'll be back in the last week of June, just before the Law School reopens.This project would hopefully take me to uncharted territories.

God willing, I'll post the rest of the stories from Switzerland soon.

Au revoir!


Neil Padayatty said...

read all that, and saw all those photographs. Seems, you guys had a swell time there. It was interesting and perhaps even motivating to read about you guys preparing for moot courts. Going by all the experiences you had, in the end, all's well, though it could've been better, isn't it!

Neil Padayatty said...

And, it's a beautiful place you guys went too. It must've been perfect weather during summer!